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Like a Bird is essentially the Grand Theft Auto of bird simulators, giving you a large open world which you can swoop around, complete missions, crap on people and generally be an a**hole in!

In Like a Bird you are a little bird who can fly around, grab things and crap. You have a vast open world to fly around and are given missions to complete from your father. Initially these missions are fairly standard, with you flying through a course or gathering food, but soon you’re given more mischievous things to do and things start to get a whole lot more fun…

There’s lots to discover and mischief to get up to in Like a Bird’s large low poly open world. You can eat pizza, smoke blunts, listen to tunes and search for various hidden accessories. The most fun thing to do is pooping though – you can earn cash and cause a massive amount of chaos by pooping on people and vehicles. What’s more, the money you earn can be used to unlock some even more potent forms of firepower that can wreak even more carnage.

It does take a little while to get used to the controls in Like a Bird, but once you do it’s a whole lot of fun flying around, exploring the world, completing missions and pooping on people. So what are you waiting for? Take to the skies and spread the bird turd!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Like a Bird Here

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