LineWorld: The First One – Download Game

LineWorld The First One Game Download

LineWorld: The First One is a surreal and stylish musical platforming adventure set in a wonderfully wonky world built out of vector-based visuals.

LineWorld: The First One is the first in a planned series of games from Jared Johnson, who has built a remarkable vector-based game engine that allows for a variety of interesting game types from flying games to point and click adventures. LineWorld: The First One is a platformer, and what a wondrous little platformer it is too.

With a visual style that’s fondly reminiscent of Vib Ribbon, the stylish vector-based world of LineWorld: The First One pulses and wobbles along with the music. It doesn’t just look cool either, a lot of the time the movement of the world is often required to allow you to progress through the game. It’s a vibrant world, packed full of beautiful Vector based artwork, weird wobbly structures and quirky characters that make for a remarkable musical platforming experience. A unique little platforming adventure that we highly recommend checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows, Mac & iOS

Gameplay Video: Here

Download LineWorld: The First One Here (Click The Windows, Apple or iOS Images)

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