Lisa – Downloadable Game


Lisa is an adorable little game in which you control the lovely little blue dog and her owner as they have an adventure in the park, herding sheep, chasing rabbits, solving puzzles, feeding bears and finding cats.

You start off controlling only the dog as she wakes after a nap in the park, by simply pointing where you want her to go and barking to interact (or just for fun).  After a while, you’ll come across Lisa’s owner (and best friend), who you can control simultaneously using the WASD keys.  What follows is a short, but wonderful puzzle adventure with gameplay that rewards experimentation and exploration.

There’s a great sense of warmth and love in Lisa, with it’s charming fuzzy pixel art animation, superb audio design, adorable characters, inventive puzzles and buckets of charm.  A doggie adventure that’s definitely worth taking for a walk in the park.

Controls: Mouse – Mouse – Movement (dog), LMB – Move (dog), RMB – Bark, WASD – Move Owner

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Lisa Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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