Littlewargame – Browser Game

little war game

Littlewargame is a very impressive Warcraft-esque browser based pixel art RTS in which up to 6 players can do battle across a variety of different game modes.

The main game mode in Littlewargame is similar to Warcraft, with up to six players building up their bases and leading attacks on other players bases. The resource management is streamlined down to just gathering gold, making for a more easily accessible experience, but there’s plenty of depth provides by the wide array of buildings, units and upgrades you can build and purchase.

It’s a very addictive slice of old school RTS action and there’s a vast array of maps to play on in, many of which incorporate mods to dramatically alter the gameplay, such as transforming it into a tower defense game or a zombie survival game. An easily accessible retro RTS game with addictive gameplay, charming pixel art visuals, plenty of variety and bucket loads of content. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: All Browsers

Play Littlewargame Here

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