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Live Adventure is an incredibly inventive and wholesome second person puzzle platforming adventure where two kids go searching for their parents in some mysterious ancient ruins.

Created by students at RUBIKA, Live Adventure is a second person puzzle platforming adventure where you control two adventurous kids (Lence and Reel) as they search for their parents in some ancient alien ruins. Played with a control pad, you control both characters simultaneously, but one of them (Lence) is holding the camera that you view the entire game from.

You control the movement of Lence with the right analog stick and most of the time the camera auto-aims at Reel, who you control with the left analog stick. This essentially means that you’re simultaneously controlling Lence in first person and Reel in second person. As Lence is carrying the camera he can’t jump, but the camera does have some special uses that come in handy. Meanwhile Reel is free to jump and she even has a nifty grapple hook that she can use in certain places.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, it’s a fantastic little adventure with two very endearing characters, excellent audio/visual design, cleverly crafted puzzles and great voice work. The core concept is very inventive and it has a similar sort of dual-character gameplay and creativity that made Brothers so special. Highly recommended.

Controls: Control Pad Only

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Live Adventure Here

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