Livid Meadow – Downloadable Game

Livid Meadow is a beautifully animated 2D pixel art psychological horror action platforming adventure where a young woman unravels a dark mystery.

In Livid Meadow you take on the role of Root, a young woman who is working on a case with an officer called Dor. It’s a very strange case and it seems to be cringing back memories from your past.

On your adventure you’ll solve puzzles, meet strange characters and fight monsters, criminals and creepy robots. There’s a nice variety of environments and the game has an interesting upgrade system which sees you sacrificing your maximum health level for upgrades.

There are a few grammar issues, but on the whole it’s a fantastic little action platforming adventure with some interesting twists, fun gameplay and well designed environments. There’s also a surprising amount of game in there for something that clocks in at just 9MB. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard, Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Livid Meadow Here

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