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Location Withheld is a surreal horror adventure st in a single room where youreview police case files, solve puzzles and crack codes to try and solve a series of mysterious murders.

Taking place in 1994, Location Withheld sees you sat at a desk in what appears to be a police detective’s office with some case files and a selection of 90’s tech around you. You need to delve deeper into the case files as you attempt to solve the mystery, but to do so you need to search the office for clues and crack codes to allow you to use the computer. There are multiple endings, depending on your actions and things can get pretty freaky towards the end.

It’s a very impressive game with a great sense of atmosphere, cleverly designed puzzles, an intuitive interface and a big “what the f**k!!” moment. Maybe some cases are best left alone…

Controls: Mouse – Look, RMB – Toggle Look Mode, LMB – interact, Keyboard – Type

Available On: Windows and Mac

Gameplay Video: Here (Ending A)

Download Location Withheld Here

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