Lockdown Diaries – Browser Game

Lockdown Diaries is a little lockdown themed puzzle game where you flip tiles to try and decrypt messages sent between friends during the pandemic.

In each level of Lockdown Diaries you are presented with a short message that’s been texted between friends during lockdown. The messages are often related to life during lockdown, but can also be just plain weird, such as one about contemplating the “immortality of crabs”.

The problem is that the messages are a little jumbled up. Each letter can be flipped over to swap it out for an alternate letter. You need to flip them over and figure out whether the original or the alternate letters make more sense in the sentence. Manage to get the entire sentence right and you move on to the next one.

Lockdown Diaries’ letter flipping puzzles are a clever concept that works remarkably well. It’s a lot of fun figuring out the messages and they tell an interesting story of what was/is like under lockdown too.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play Lockdown Diaries Here

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