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Lonely Things is a surreal narrative-driven horror mystery where you check into a strange roadside hotel, full of lonely souls who yearn for companionship.

In Lonely Things you take on the role of a lone traveller who ends up at a remote hotel in the middle of the night. Luckily (or unluckily) for you they have a spare room, so you head up there to get some much needed sleep. You soon wake up with a knock at your door and a note saying your car has been stolen, but after you get to know the hotel and its guests a little better, a missing car may be the least of your troubles!

It takes around one hour to play through Lonely Things and it’s a riveting experience that intrigues as much as horrifies, blending a little David Lynch-esque surrealism with a touch of Lovecraftian weirdness. The characters you meet are all very odd, seeming to be lost souls who are aching for some sort of meaningful connection. Meanwhile the ever-shifting hotel is a character in itself and there are many dark secrets hidden within its walls. You’ll certainly remember your stay at this hotel, as the Eagles once sung “you may check in, but you may never leave”. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E/LMB – Interaction, F – Flashlight

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Lonely Things Here

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