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Longhaus features a chilled out fusion of tower defense and RTS gameplay as you build and protect a settlement on an island that floats in the sky.

In Longhaus you are tasked with building a settlement on a flying island and protecting it from the waves of raiders that invade through the sea of clouds. You can build defensive structures or production structures, with the production structures focused around harvesting the three types of resources (food, wood and iron) and the defensive structures used to protect your colony.

There’s very little in the way of micromanagement needed in your colony with regards to harvesting resources and you can easily prioritise which ones you need more of. This leaves you with plenty of time to set up your defenses and fend off the waves of attackers. You start with only a couple of defensive towers, but at the end of each level you can research new towers and purchase upgrades for new ones.

Longhaus is quite an easy game, but it’s still very addictive and it makes for an oddly relaxing take on the RTS genre. A chilled out slice of strategy from the clouds.

Controls: WASD – Camera Movement, Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Longhaus Here

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