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Loot Keeper is an addictive little RPG inventory management sim in which you arrange items in your hero’s inventory to maximize his chances of success in battle.

In Loot Keeper you have no control of your hero’s actions as he embarks on a dungeon crawling adventure (other than when he leaves camp) but you do have total control of his inventory.. The items in the top section of your inventory are stored in your bag, while the items you place in the bottom section of the inventory are equipped by your hero and his stats change accordingly.

Your aim is to select the best equipment and arrange it in your ‘equipped’ section of the inventory to maximize your hero’s stats. As he progresses through the dungeon your hero will pick up more and more loot, which you have to sort through quickly – any items that are overlapping once the timer runs out will vanish. Once you make it to the camp at the end of each dungeon then you can sort though your loot at your leisure and equip the best stuff.

It’s a very addictive little game that appeals to your inner loot hoarder, with lots of lovely loot to collect and arrange nicely in your inventory. It’s just a shame you can’t keep ALL of it!

Controls: Mouse – Select Equipment, WASD – Move Equipment, Spacebar – Place Equipment

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Loot Keeper Here

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