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Lost Answers is a surreal David Lynch inspired point and click horror adventure where you set out to kill someone to find out if you’ve already killed someone!

In Lost Answers you follow the strange story of a man who wakes up with a dead guy lying next to him in his apartment and no memory of what happened. He then starts searching for answers and is contacted by a mysterious man who says he can help him remember, but first you have to do a favor for him – travel to an abandoned manor in the desert and murder a harlequin called Hal. Sure, all of that sounds pretty weird, but things get a whole lot crazier when you get to the manor!

Lost Answers was originally developed as part of a collaborative project where different developers would create a series of games that form an ongoing story. Unfortunately the project got cancelled and only two chapters were released (you can check out the other chapter here). Lost Answers is still a lot of fun nonetheless – it’s packed full of surreal Lynchian oddity, it’s got a great art style and the story is pretty intriguing. It’s a shame we’ll never see how the whole project fitted together but it makes for a great little standalone game anyway.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Lost Answers Here

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