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lost in pandition

Lost in Pandation is a very tough little survival game in which you play an iPanda, a next gen personal assistant, who must harvest bamboo and oily fruit as you attempt to survive and escape from a wintery apocalypse.

Life in this icy apocalyptic world is tough for an iPanda – resources are scarce, the icy winds can freeze you to death in seconds and there are some very odd looking blobby monsters that will appear out of nowhere and attack you. Thankfully you have a few valuable resources that may help keep you alive long enough to escape from this frostbitten hellhole – if you manage them well enough.

The few resources you do have scattered around your small shelter include wood, bamboo, oily fruit and batteries. Wood and bamboo can be used for fires to keep you alive through the biting cold winds, bamboo and oily fruit can be used to fire up the generator which can create power that can be used in a variety of different ways, and bamboo can also be used to create ladders to help you reach new areas (it’s a very versatile resource). Once powered up the generator can be used to unlock a new growing pot, charge batteries that will aid your escape and can also be used to kill monsters that invade your shelter.

Your resources are very scarce and you can go through them quickly, so thankfully you have access to a few growing pots that are scattered around your shelter. These can be used to grow bamboo and oily fruit, and it’s highly recommended unlocking the third pot as soon as possible as it really comes in handy.

Lost in Pandation really impresses with its challenging gameplay, excellent pixel art visuals and superb soundtrack. It’s a very fast paced little survival game in which you have very little time to stand around (unless you’re warming yourself by the fire). No wonder pandas are endangered if this is what they need to do to survive!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Action

Available on: All Browsers

Tip: The Switch Above The Door Kills The Monsters!

Ludum Dare Page: Here

Full Walkthrough: Here

Play Lost In Pandition Here

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