Lost in Space – Browser Game

Lost In Space Free Game

Lost in Space is a simple, stylish and addictive high score chasing bullet hell shooter in which you attempt dodge and blast your way through an infinite asteroid field for as long as possible before you run out of energy.

The movement of the ship in Lost in Space is controlled with the mouse, giving players pinpoint precision when piloting themselves through the asteroids. There are three different ships you can choose to pilot, each with their own special abilities, such as speeding up your ship, slowing down time or repelling asteroids.

Using your special abilities, colliding with asteroids and shooting oncoming asteroids uses up energy which you can regenerate by picking up energy pellets (and magnet pellets that help attract the energy pellets). Things start off fairly easy, with you travelling at a sedate pace and having plenty of time to weave around asteroids and pick up pellets, but soon your ship starts to pick up speed and things start to get a whole lot tougher…

Lost in Space could do with starting the game at a slightly faster speed as the first minute or two is a little too easy, but once the speed starts to pick up it’s a blast. It’s a real thrill as you go faster and faster hurtling through its minimalist asteroid filled space, accompanied by a super cool electronic soundtrack. An addictive little slice of arcade action well worth blasting off with.

Controls: Mouse – Move, LMB – Fire, Spacebar – Special

Available On: All Browsers

Play Lost In Space Here

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