Lost In The Red Forrest – Downloadable Game

Lost in the Red Forest

Lost in the Red Forest is a creepy first person adventure in which you explore a mysterious forest, full of strange scenery and bizarre chambers.

While driving late at night, you’re stopped by a mysterious barrier.  Now your only hope of escape is to explore the forest for useful items and an exit.  You’ll come across many strange sights on your adventure, not least, the odd looking doors which transport you to bizarre little chambers containing freaky visions.

There’s a wonderfully tense and foreboding atmosphere throughout the whole experience, making Lost in the Red Forest feel like a surreal nightmare.  There are multiple endings and plenty of secrets to discover as you explore the woods, looking for a way out.  It’s a well crafted and deeply atmospheric walk in the wilderness.

Controls: WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Look,  LMB – Interact,  Mouse Wheel – Scroll Inventory.

Available On:  Win, Mac & Linux

Download Lost In The Red Forrest Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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