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Lost Memories Dot Net is a heartfelt narrative-based experience set in 2004, that relays its story of teen life, friendship and love triangles through an AIM-style messaging service and an Anime-filled blog that you create on your computer.

A little like, Emily is Away, Lost Memories Dot Net floods you with a warm feeling of nostalgia, harkening back to a time when the internet was a simpler and a slightly less cynical place. You play Nina, a teenage girl who loves Anime, playing video games and blogging. You work on your blog everyday, writing down your feelings and filling it with photos and Anime artwork you get from friends and other websites.

While working on your blog, you chat with friends over an AIM-style messaging service. These conversations are how the narrative plays out and sees you talking to online friends, real life friends, acquaintances and the occasional random douchebag about Anime, games, blogging, boys and life in general.

The quality of writing in the messenger app is particularly impressive – perfectly recreating the way you’d talk to different types of friends. As the story progresses, you find that Nina will open up and talk about things that are really important to her with online friends that she’s never met rather than real life ones. There’s a lot to talk about too – Anime, blogging, young love, insecurities and a love triangle between you, a boy and your best friend.

It’s a realistic and insightful bit of storytelling wrapped up in a nostalgic bubble of blogging, instant messaging and Anime. Well worth logging in to.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Lost Memories Dot Net Here

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