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Loup game

LOUP is an adorable pixel art game of Tag with a twist – the person who is ‘it’ is the wolf and the closer you get to the wolf (without getting touched), the more points you earn.

You earn points whenever you’re not the wolf, and gain more points the closer you get to the wolf.  If the wolf is closing in on you, you can press the spacebar to hide from it, but this will cause your energy bar to decrease (which can be topped up with juice cartons).  Get tagged by the wolf and you’ll be ‘it’ and must tag someone else before your energy bar drops to zero.

There’s a wonderful childlike joy to the gameplay in LOUP, with it’s charming pixel art visuals and super happy theme tune.  A whimsical, super-cheery game of tag that is certain to raise a smile.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Hide (Gamepad Compatible)

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Download LOUP Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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