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Low Resolutions game

Low Resolutions is a dark little first person narrative adventure in which you wake up in a strange facility and must make decisions in a series of tough moral dilemmas which have serious repercussions to those affected.

Low Resolutions is a simple but thought provoking game with a tense atmosphere and some very tough choices. You awake alone in a strange facility, and must follow the instructions of an unknown voice by standing on buttons to open the doors in front of you to (hopefully) find some means of escape.

Along the way you’ll come across another person who’s become trapped in the facility who will accompany you for the remainder of the game and serves as a voice of reason as you’re forced to tackle tough ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas rarely have a ‘good’ choice, with you simply having to choose between two bad situations – such as choosing whether a mother or a child dies in childbirth. The way you make your decisions is also significant, as it takes a little time for the switch you stand on to finalize your decision and you often learn new information in the meantime – making your choices that much more difficult.

It’s an interesting little game that poses some tough moral dilemmas during its short playtime. A cleverly crafted little narrative adventure that explores the heavy burden of choice.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Advance Dialogue

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Low Resolutions Here

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