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Lunar Station features a very tense and atmospheric blend of Sci-Fi horror and Sokoban-esque puzzling as you try to clear a way for you to escape the darkness that’s pursuing you.

In Lunar Station you find yourself alone on a space-station on a moon, looking out at the rocky lunar landscape, when all of a sudden a mysterious darkness starts to envelop everything. It’s not a shadow, it’s a cloud of darkness that will kill you if it catches up with you. To survive you need to make your way through the space-station and stay ahead of the darkness as it chases you from the left side of the screen. The only problem is that there are barriers to deactivate and a lot of clutter that needs to be cleared up or moved out of the way. Time is of the essence so you need to figure out the most efficient routes through the station, solving Sokoban style puzzles as you go.

Lunar Station manages to squeeze a surprising amount of terror from its simple looking retro visuals – thanks largely to the atmospheric audio score that really helps build the tension. The puzzles aren’t too challenging, but the added pressure of the darkness chasing you really ups the ante, making for a game that’s less about how you solve the puzzles and more about how fast you solve them. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Interact

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Lunar Station Here

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  1. Hi! I’m Eylon Keshet the sound guy behind this game. We thank you so much for playing and reviewing this game so thoroughly. We are glad you liked it =]

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