Mackerelmedia Fish – Browser Game

Mackerelmedia Fish is a fantastic little ARG style game where you search for THE Fish among the ruins of an abandoned website.

Created by the talented Nathalie Lawhead creator of A_Desktop_Love_Story, Cyberpet Graveyard and Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs), Mackerelmedia Fish is a delightfully silly, inventive and surprising little ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that takes place within the ruins of a long abandoned website called It’s a website that belongs to a bygone era of the internet, when sites had personality, garish colors and quirky animations. Your goal is to track down a The Fish (sure, there are plenty of fish on the site but maybe not the one you’re looking for!)

You can play through Mackerelmedia Fish in around 20 minutes, but to discover everything hidden in its recesses could take well over an hour. It’s packed with fun little gags, diversions, easter eggs and the occasional oddball character to meet (such as a little rodent that eats parts of the site when they fall off the screen).

It’s a wonderfully weird little adventure that’s packed full of fun surprises that will make you smile. Nathalie Lawhead’s animation is as delightful as ever and finding THE Fish will really brighten up your day. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Browser

Download Mackerelmedia Fish Here

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