Maggot Meal – Browser Game

Maggot Meal is an addictive mash-up of block-breaking and top-down shooting where you blast maggots and sacrifice their bouncy blood to the Old Ones.

In Maggot Meal you must atone for your sins by harvesting maggot blood for the Old Ones. You gain blood by shooting the maggots that crawl towards your skull in the center of the screen. This blood then turns into bouncy blood orbs which you can knock around with the bat at the bottom of the screen.

The more the orbs bounce around, the larger they get and the more blood you harvest when they drop out the bottom of the screen. This blood then earns you XP which allows you to level up and purchase upgrades.

It could do with some more interesting upgrades, but other than that it’s a clever little mash-up of two different genres and it makes for a very addictive game. See if you can appease the Old Ones with your bouncy maggot blood!

Controls: A/D – Move Bat, Mouse – Aim Gun

Available On: Browser

Play Maggot Meal Here

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