Magic Sabotage – Download Game

Magic Sabotage is a simple, but well designed physics based puzzler that sees you bouncing fireballs through a lab to cause chain reactions that destroy a wizard’s equipment.

In Magic Sabotage you take on the role of Trix, a small magical creature who likes to cause chaos in wizard’s laboratories. In each level of the game you have access to three fireballs and must figure out the best ways to cause chain reactions that destroy as many of the glass vials as possible. You get a star rating for your efforts, with a maximum rating for destroying all the vials.

It’s not a particularly revolutionary game style and the artwork is fairly simple, but Magic Sabotage really impresses with its level design. Each level is a self contained puzzle in which one well aimed shot can cause a massive amount of destruction. A simple, but well crafted and addictive puzzler that gives you a great feeling each time you pull off a particularly destructive chain reaction.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Magic Sabotage Here

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