Magne Puzzle – Browser Game

Magne Puzzle is a simple looking, but surprisingly complex little browser based puzzle game where you attempt use the polarities of magnets to connect them all together.

In each level of Magne Puzzle your goal is to activate all of the magnets on-screen. You activate magnets by making them come into contact with activated magnets, which then allows you to control them. The magnets (usually) have a north and south pole, and if you face one of these poles towards another magnet then you’ll be able to repel or attract it depending on the polarity. Things start off fairly simple, but soon moveable blocks and single polarity magnets are introduced, which can make for some very complex little puzzles.

Much like Block Shot, the previous game we’ve covered by this developer, it’s a very simple looking game that combines an inventive concept with some very clever puzzle design. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Rotate, Spacebar – Use Magnet, R – Restart

Available on: All Browsers

Play Magne Puzzle Here

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