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Magnethead Construction Company is a quirky physics based construction game in which you control a walking magnet that grabs girders (and anything else nearby) and uses them to construct a massive skyscraper.

In Magnethead Construction Company you control a cute little magnet that attracts anything metalic it passes by. This can come in handy for grabbing big steel girders which you use to build your skyscraper, but can also be a hindrance when you get stuck to useless scrap metal. You can shake off these unwanted pieces of metal by mashing the jump button though and it can a good idea to clear your work area of any scrap metal before you get started with the act of building your skyscraper.

Building the skyscraper is fairly easy at the start – you simply grab a girder (or multiple girders) then take them over to the construction area where they’ll snap into place in line with the blueprints. You earn extra time for each girder placed and each floor completed, but as you add more and more floors, the harder it is to get your girders in place – there is a crane which can lift you up, but it can still be pretty tricky.

It’s a fun little game with stylish 3D visuals and charmingly clumsy magnetised platforming as your cute little magnet construction worker clambers ever higher with their girders. How high can you build?

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump (Control Pad Compatible)

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Magnethead Construction Company Here

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