MALEDICTA – Browser Game


MALEDICTA is a hilarious keyboard-breaking local multiplayer game in which players attempt to type phrases simultaneously on the same keyboard in a battle to save or claim the soul of an innocent!

In MALEDICTA one player plays the devil and one plays a priest, both locked in an epic battle over the soul of a young girl. Whoever types their phrase out the quickest on the keyboard wins the round, win three rounds and you win the game. However, this is as much a test of strength as it is of typing skills, as both players have to jostle for position, barging each other out the way as they attempt to type their phrases and sabotage the other player.

It’s a very funny and wonderfully chaotic game – just be warned, there’s a high chance that this game may break keyboards (and friendships!)

Controls: Type!

Available On: All Browsers


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