Man O War – Browser Game

Man O War

Man O War is an addictive and super tough Flappy Bird-esque precision action game in which you must fly through 12 caves, shooting enemies and obstacles, then take out the big, badass boss.

The control scheme is a little similar to Flappy Bird (as you press a key to flap/fly), but in reality there’s a lot more going on in Man O War, with you having to contend with aiming and shooting enemies and obstructions on your way through the caves.  It’s not an endless score attack game either – it has a definitive ending that you’ll achieve after battling your way through the 12 super tough caves and defeating the the boss.  You’ll need some serious skill to reach the end though – Man O War is a tough game that will require precision timing if you want to survive for more than a few seconds.

The pixel art animation and audio are excellent throughout Man O War, and really make you want to see the game through to it’s conclusion instead of rage quitting after dying for the 100th time.  A very addictive and punishingly hard little game that’s well worth taking for a swim.

Controls:  Mouse – Aim,  LMB – Shoot, RMB or Any Keyboard Button – Swim

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Man O War Here

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