MANDAGON – Downloadable Game

Mandragon game

MANDAGON is a non-combative pixel art platforming adventure that explores Tibetan philosophy on Life, death and sacrifice as you explore it’s calming and beautiful game world.

Set in Bardo (the Tibetan version of Limbo), in MANDAGON you explore a beautiful world between life and death.  Taking around an hour to complete, you’ll have to do some digging to figure out the story, but it involves a father proposing to trade his soul for his son’s. With combat-free gameplay, non-linear exploration, a beautiful audio score and gorgeous pixel artwork, MANDAGON’s world is a wonderfully relaxing and meditative place to explore.  A short, beautiful and chilled out experience in a tranquil Tibetan Limbo.

Controls:  Keyboard/ Control Pad

Available On:  Windows Only (Steam)

Download MANDAGON Here

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