Mandela Invasion – Downloadable Game

Mandela Invasion is a Mandela Catalogue inspired point and click analogue horror game where you attempt to keep creepy home invaders out of your home until sunrise.

In Mandela Invasion you are tucked up in bed one night when you hear a banging at the front door. It turns out that there are several different freaky monsters attempting to break into your house and murder you. To fend them off until dawn you’ll need to search for useful objects as you board up windows, fix the electricity and grab a crucifix (or you can get weird with a painting in your attic).

Mandela Invasion does have a few rough edges (especially the fact that it’s extremely easy once you know what you’re doing) and the monsters could do with a little work, but it’s a clever concept that would be great for expanding on. The presentation is excellent and the sound design really helps build a tense atmosphere. With a little more polish and a few more threats to keep you busy (such as boarded up windows getting smashed) it could be a big hit.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Mandela Invasion Here

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