MANTRA Episode One: Foothills – Download Game

MANTRA Episode One: Foothills is a very creepy blend of Lovecraftian horror, point and click adventuring and monster slaying survival horror that sees you venturing deep into a volcanic mountain to stop the forces of evil that your family has unleashed on the world.

In MANTRA Episode One: Foothills you control Seth, a man who returns to his family home and attempts to unearth the dark magic his family have been dabbling in and find some way to stop it. It’s played with a mouse, much like any other point and click adventure, with you solving puzzles and uncovering dark secrets, but you also have to manage your health, your bullet supply and engage in combat with the Lovecraftian monsters that attack you.

It’s a very tough game, often unfairly so, as health and bullets are in short supply and enemies can harm you even if you dispatch them as fast as possible. However, if you can manage to overcome MANTRA’s frustratingly tough combat, then you’ll discover a very well crafted retro survival horror adventure with nice puzzle design, plenty of grotesque monsters and excellent pixel artwork. A dark, deadly and dread-filled adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click (LMB – to fire gun in combat)

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Tip: Headshots kill the monsters faster (usually)

Download MANTRA Episode One: Foothills Here

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