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Manygolf game

Manygolf is a simple and addictive massively multiplayer golf game that takes Desert Golfing’s simplistic 2D gameplay and allows lots of players to compete against each other simultaneously.

Anyone who’s played Desert Golfing will feel right at home with Manygolf – you use the arrow keys to alter your angle and the spacebar to set your power as you attempt to get your ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. At the end of each hole each player is given a set number of points, depending on how well they did, with tiebreaks being decided by who holed their ball the fastest.

Much like Desert Golfing, Manygolf offers a heavily simplified, but highly addictive golfing experience. Manygolf’s massively multiplayer online gameplay is a welcome addition that takes that addictive gameplay and adds a greater sense of competition. More balls makes for much more fun!

Controls: A/D or Arrow Keys – Aim, Spacebar – Set Power

Available On: All Browsers

Play Manygolf Here

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