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Maquisard is a charming game that draws inspiration from The Grand Budapest Hotel, in which you play a bell boy who must snoop on guests to figure out which one is an undercover spy.

It’s an interesting game with a unique non-linear investigation gameplay, that gives you free roam of the entire hotel as you try to track down a dangerous spy.  You don’t know who the spy is, but you have five facts about his general behaviour, which should aid your investigation.  You can interact with, observe, sneak up on and even peek through the keyholes of your guests in order to find out which one is your target.

With a great art style and warm sense of humour, Maquisard is a It’s a joyful little game that offers a unique take on the stealth/spying genre.   A charming sneak and snooper with bags of character.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, Tab – Notebook,  Spacebar – Action

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download Maquisard Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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  1. Has anyone actually gotten the download to work on their Mac? Once I’ve hit ‘space’ to start, I have a very lovely view of the hotel, but no keys appear to work. Specifically, I’ve tried tab, arrow keys, space bar, as noted in the above article

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