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Mario Editor Download

Mario Editor is a very slick, easily accessible and feature-packed Mario Maker-style level builder in which you can easily build Mario Bros-levels within minutes.

We’ve seen fan made Mario level building games before on Free Game Planet (such as the now cancelled Super Mario Bros NES Game & Builder), but we’ve never seen anything quite as fully featured polished as Mario Editor. In-fact it’s so good, it feels worthy of something Nintendo would put out themselves!

There’s a comprehensive (and fun) tutorial level that players can check out which gives you lots of great tips for level building, but is you want to dive straight in without the tutorial, it’s easy enough to work out anyway – Just select your tiles from the menu then place them on the grid. There’s a massive selection of blocks, scenery, power-ups and enemies to choose from, allowing players to create pretty much anything Mario Maker can.

It’s essentially Mario Maker for the PC – with lots of options and a very high level of polish. Just be sure to download it quick – we can’t imagine Nintendo’s lawyers are going to allow this Mario Editor to hang around for long!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows Only

Download Mario Editor Here

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  1. Hello, already excuse me for my English translation because I am French and I do not speak perfectly English.
    I have a little problem :
    I would like to download Mario Editor but I do not have a Windows computer, I have a Mac … I would like to know if it was possible to make a version of Mario Editor for Mac.
    Thank you in advance for your answers

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