Mario Kart: Speed Strife – Downloadable Game

Mario Kart Speed Strife download

Mario Kart: Speed Strife is a fabulous fan made Mario Kart Game with tournaments, 16 tracks and 12 adorable low poly recreations of classic Mario Kart characters.

Anyone who’s ever played a Mario Kart game will feel right at home with Mario Kart: Speed Strife. The characters, power-ups, courses, rubber banding, cheerful audio and bright, colourful visuals all feel very Mario Karty, and the charming low poly graphics make it feel like some long lost Prototype someone knocked out for the Sega Saturn. The only thing that feels a little off is the power sliding, that lacks the finesse of Nintendo’s offerings and takes a lot of getting used to.

There’s plenty of content in Mario Kart: Speed Strife too, with 16 tracks, three different speed classes, four different tournaments (Mushroom, Flower & Star) and four unlockable characters. An impressive game that we highly recommend checking out before Nintendo’s lawyers give it the Luigi death stare!

Controls:  Keyboard & Controller (Controller HIGHLY recommended)

Available On:  Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Mario Kart: Speed Strife Here

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