Mario Royale – Browser Game

Mario Royale allows up to 75 players to simultaneously race through the levels of the original Super Mario Bros game, with the victor being the fastest or the last survivor.

In Mario Royale 75 players start on the first level of a randomly selected world from the original NES Super Mario Bros game, and must race their way to the end of the Bowser fight of that world (so four levels). The final three surviving players or the first three players to reach the end of the fourth level then earn a place on the podium.

The levels are largely unaltered from the original game, but the warp pipes have been deactivated (for obvious reasons). It probably goes without saying, but the start of each match when all 75 players are on screen at once is chaos, but if you manage to survive until the pack thins out a bit then you’ll have a better chance of making it to the finish. You can’t normally interact with other players, but they can knock shells around dangerously and if anyone gets a star then they can kill anyone they touch.

It’s a fun twist on a classic and even if you know Super Mario Bros like the back of your hand, playing simultaneously with 75 other players in Mario Royale makes for a totally different experience. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Shift – Run, Spacebar Jump (Control Pad Supported)

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Mario Royale Here

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