Marmortal: Fhaesir’s Pride – Downloadable Game

Marmortal: Fhaesir’s Pride is a beautiful first person parkour platforming adventure where you attempt to climb a huge tower to ask for a wish from a powerful deity.

In Marmortal: Fhaesir’s Pride you have previously been granted a wish which allowed you to shoot an elusive crystal fox with your bow. However, it turns out that your child had been shape-shifting into that fox form and you have now mortally wounded them. You now need to climb up a huge sacred tower where you’ll be able to ask for your actions to be undone.

The gameplay in Marmortal: Fhaesir’s Pride consists of a blend of first person parkour platforming and bow-based combat against marble monsters. Along the way you’ll also down the stories of others who have ventured to the tower and wished upon its waters.

The combat could be improved a little, but other than that Marmortal: Fhaesir’s Pride is a very impressive game with stunning visuals, excellent world design and a great flow to the gameplay. See how you fare in its awe-inspiring tower!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Marmortal: Fhaesir’s Pride Here

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