Marshmallow – Browser Game

Marshmallow game

Marshmallow is a fun game inspired by the famous Stanford Marshmallow Test, which places you in a room with a single marshmallow on a plate, with a promise of giving you another marshmallow if you can wait long enough.

Initially in Marshmallow, you’re placed in a room and asked to wait for a minute before eating it to receive another one. Whichever choice you make at this point, the experimenter will make some rather derogatory remarks about your behaviour and then you’re able to begin the experiment again.

The game takes some fun twists on repeat plays and there are eight different endings in total to find. It features some witty writing, some fun observations of human behaviour and even leaves you with a poignant message if you manage to make it all the way to the eighth ending. But life is short, maybe you shouldn’t waste it waiting for a single little marshmallow?

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Browser (May Not Work on Safari)

Play or Download Marshmallow Here

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