Masters of the Universe – Browser Game

Masters of the Universe is a charming PICO-8 powered fan made He-Man fighting game, where He-Man and pals do battle against Skeletor and his evil minions.

The combat system in Masters of the Universe draws inspiration from the classic Barbarian games, with you able to use high, medium and low attack and block, as well as being able to roll and jump. There’s also an awesome flying neck chop that you can perform by pressing block and attack at the same time.

You can play through the Arcade Mode, which pits He-Man against Skeletor and his minions (or vice-versa) or you can place VS matches against a bot or another human opponent. There are 16 characters to choose from, and although they have pretty much the same movesets, they all look great and are instantly recognizable from the versions in the original cartoon. By the Power of Grayskull, this is a good PICO-8 fighting game!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Attack, N – Block

Available On: Browser

Play Masters of the Universe Here

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