Match The Time With The Crime – Browser Game

Match The Time With The Crime

Match The Time With The Crime is an interesting browser based game in which you attempt to match the minimum US statutory punishments to the crime that is committed – often with surprising results!

In each round of Match The Time With The Crime you are given two different offences and must click on the one that matches the minimum statutory punishment – sometimes this is easy (embezzlement isn’t going to get you 25 years), but others can be pretty surprising – such a mandatory life sentence for piracy by a citizen of the United States (we assume they mean boarding boats and not copying DVDs, but it still seems like a lot!)

As well as some surprising lengths of sentences, the specificity of some of the statutory punishments can be pretty bizarre – such as ‘practice of pharmacy and sales of poisons in China’ , ’bribery of meat inspectors and acceptance of bribes’ or ‘robbery ashore by a pirate’ (they really don’t seem to like pirates). It’s strangely addictive experience, that throws up some interesting results and it can be harder to match the time to the crime than you first expect.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Match The Crime With The Time Here

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