Mauritius Atoll – Downloadable Game

Mauritius Atoll is a charming little narrative driven point and click adventure where the decisions you make can take you on some very different five minute adventures.

In Mauritius Atoll you are a young man who is determined to set out on an adventure in the islands of Mauritius. Just what this adventure will be can be very different though depending on what you take with you, who you meet and what decisions you make along the way. It usually takes less than five minutes to play through each time and you can end up doing anything from becoming a famous music artist to going mad by spending a lifetime digging holes on a beach.

It’s a wonderful little game with charming art design and a fun setting that’s full of possibilities. There are 11 very different endings to discover in Mauritius Atoll, and each ending has two or three variations to discover too. It’s great fun exploring the island, meeting its cast of oddball characters and discovering the unexpected twists your story can take. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Mauritius Atoll Here

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