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Max Downforce is a simple, stylish and addictive Pole Position-essque arcade racing game where you race at blistering speeds through retro faux-3D racetracks.

Essentially a homage to the era of the 80’s arcade racer, Max Downforce allows you to jump in a F1 style race car and hurtle around beautiful pixelated racetracks. It features two unique tracks, which you attempt to complete 10 laps of as you race around them against a timer. You have to be careful when cornering as smashing into an obstacle at the side of the will cost you a lot of time and you also have to dodge plenty of traffic.

With just two tracks and limited features it feels like a prototype for a bigger game at the moment, but it’s a whole lot of fun nonetheless. The gameplay is very fast paced and requires a good bit of skill to manage corners and weave around cars. An authentic feeling and remarkably intense retro racing experience.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows and Linux

Download Max Downforce Here

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