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max gentlemen

Max Gentlemen is a wonderfully silly old timey arcade-style extreme manners simulator that features gentlemen, ladies and even Octodads stacking hats to create the highest tower possible, before time runs out.

Gameplay is simple, just collect hats and avoid getting them knocked off by flying objects – you do this by using the up and down keys to select a hat from the stack and spacebar to make it jump.  Max Gentlemen allows you to stack your hats across score attack, challenge and local multiplayer modes, all with lots of new gentlemanly hats to unlock – from trilby’s to sombreros.

With it’s addictive gameplay (especially in multiplayer) superb art style and ridiculous sense of humor, Max Gentlemen is a blast.  Madcap gameplay, well worth tipping a hat to!

Controls:  W/S – Select Hat,  A/D Move Left & Right,  Shift – Dash,  Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Max Gentlemen Here

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