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mayhem mansion game download

Mayhem Mansion is a fantastically insane standalone Doom total conversion mod that sees you giving presents to cats and battling giant lips, TV’s with legs and angry books as you explore a mysterious mansion that’s packed full of awesome secrets.

In Mayhem Mansion you play an unnamed protagonist who teleports into a mansion for no reason whatsoever, where there are lots of monsters who are attempting to kill you for no reason whatsoever too – time to make your escape then! Escaping this labyrinthine mansion won’t be easy though, there are masses of monsters to blast your way through, puzzles to solve and loads of secrets to discover as you make your way through.

It’s a tough game that will punish you for any complacency – you need to check every corner for monsters and you’ll require some real mastery of strafing and shooting to stand any chance of survival. The amount of creativity in the game design is incredible – you never know what to expect next and the way the mansion shifts and changes throughout the game is superb. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard (Remappable)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: Resolution & Full screen mode can be set in the menu. You may also want to remap some of the buttons (Q is the default for duck and E is the default for jump)

Download Mayhem Mansion Here

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