Mechasnek – Browser Game

Mechasnek is a super tough fusion of Snake and intense twin stick combat which sees you blasting robotic enemies and grabbing the glowing pellets they drop to grow your mechasnek.

In Mechasnek your aim is to grow as large as possible and rack up a high score. You control your movement with the WASD keys and aim the gun turret with the mouse. Blasting enemies earns you points and makes them drop glowing pellets which regenerate your health, speed you up and make you longer when you eat them. This means that every pelet you collect makes the came significantly harder as you don’t have as much time to react and your larger size makes dodging enemy bullets far tougher.

It’s a very tough, but addictive game with fast paced arcade gameplay and lush 3D visuals. How big can you build your snek?

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Fire

Available On: Windows & Browser

Ludum Dare Page: Here

Gameplay VIdeo: Here

Play Mechasnek Here

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