Medusa’s Labyrinth – Downloadable Game

Medusa's Labyrinth

Medusa’s Labyrinth is a very creepy first person horror adventure that draws on the myths and legends of ancient Greece to create a tense, terrifying and unique experience.

As you explore Medusa’s Labyrinth, you’ll discover notes that build an intriguing back story, about a girl who’s going to be sacrificed and a father who’s not too pleased about it.  You’ll have to navigate the labyrinth, solve puzzles and try to escape from a terrifying beast.  The audio and visual design are superb throughout – full of visual trickery and creepy audio cues that will really put you on edge.

A full playthrough of Medusa’s Labyrinth takes around 40 minutes, and it manages to pack a lot of gameplay and scares into it’s short playtime.  The setting and Greek mythology help create a unique and rich experience that elevates it above traditional scarefests.  Well worth checking out for some freaky Greek horror.

Controls:  Mouse & Keyboard

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Medusa’s Labyrinth Here

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