Meeuw – Downloadable Game


Meeuw is a 100% authentic seagull simulation game in which you ride bicycles and breathe fire on humans until they explode.

As you can extrapolate from the fact that you plat a fire-breathing seagull, Meeuw is a very silly game, and also a remarkably fun one.  There are no set objectives (although you can collect French-fries that are scattered around the area if you like), just wander around causing as much chaos as possible, riding a bike and setting fire to everything you see.  Whether it be cars, chairs, humans or other seagulls, EVERYTHING explodes after you set it on fire in this very silly (maybe not 100% accurate) seagull sim.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Z – Breathe Fire,  X – Sprint,  C – Ride Bike

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Meeuw Here

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