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megamash 3

Megamash is a very cool retro mash-up in which you’re playing a 7 in 1 multi-game console cartridge in which all the games have glitched out and mixed together, causing some very cool game-making bugs!

You’re playing a 7 in 1 cartridge on your Nitrome Enjoyment System (capable of 8bit to 16 bit gaming apparently!), but there’s something wrong with the cartridge.  All the games have blended into one glorious mash-up, in which you can transition from one game type to another in an instant just by entering the glitched out sections on the screen.  This means that you can be running and jumping your way through a Mario-esque platformer one minute, then blasting spaceships in an arcade shoot-em-up then next.  Even cleverer still, the glitches can be used to interact with each other, helping you to solve puzzles and make your way to the exit.

It’s an excellent game that takes classic gaming tropes from the likes of Tetris, Bomberman and Breakout and mixes them up into something fresh and super fun.  If only it was possible to buy a real Nitrome Enjoyment System to play it on…

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Action

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Megamash Here

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