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Melobee is a wonderfully chilled out little exploration game that sees you flying around a collection of differently themed biomes, experimenting with your surroundings and gathering buddies to fly by your side.

There are no set objectives in Melobee, you simply fly around exploring the vibrant game world discovering what you can interact with. There are five different biomes to explore, each with a different themes – Urban Jungle, Tundra, Pond, Forest and Meadow. As you fly around you’ll come across other little differently coloured bees that will join by your side, each leaving a different coloured trailing in its wake.

It’s a fun little game that makes for a beautiful and wonderfully chilled out little experience as you swoop around leaving a trail colors behind you. A marvellous mellow experience well worth checking out.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Melobee Here (Link at Bottom of Page)

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