Melt – Browser Game

Melt is a fun little fast paced puzzle platformer where you control a little candle that has to keep its flame alight as it makes its way through each level.

Created for Ludum Dare 46, in Melt you control a cute little candle that is armed with a bow. Your flame only lasts a few seconds (and decreases faster when you move) but you can recharge it by firing your bow at flames and fire monsters.

It takes a couple of tries to get the hang of Melt but it’s a fun little game with a great concept. There may only be a handful of levels, but they’re well made and require a good mixture of problem solving and precision timing to beat them. A fast and fun little firey puzzle platformer well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Shoot

Available On: Browser

Play Melt Here

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