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meow cat game download

ᗢ (or Meow) is an adorable low rez exploration based game in which you take a little cat on a very big, island hopping adventure.

Starting off as a cute little cat who wakes up on a desert island, you must find your way from island to island as you explore the vast, secret filled world of ᗢ. The game world is made up of lots of little islands, but being a cat you’re not very fond of water – stay in there for too long and you’ll drown, so you’ll have to plan your route carefully. You can’t see very far when on the ground, but is you climb trees of ship masts, you can scope out islands that are close enough to swim to.

There is a goal of sorts in ᗢ, but it’s the joy of exploration and discovery that offers the most fun – as you stumble upon sunken pirate ships, villages, forgotten ruins and vast amounts of treasure. All of which is of no importance to you of course – you are after all a cat – there are only a few things that matter to cats, and loot isn’t one of them!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download ᗢ (Meow) Here

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