Messy Desktop 98 – Browser Game

Messy Desktop 98 is a creepy little horror game about a messy break-up, which plays out on your ex-girlfriend’s cluttered Windows 98 desktop.

In Messy Desktop 98 you are going through the desktop of your laptop, which your ex-girlfriends had been using. There’s something wrong with it though – it’s glitchy and the desktop is cluttered with broken files. As you go through it you’ll learn a little about the story of the break-up and process the various stages of grief as you attempt to get over it.

There are no jumpscares in Messy Desktop 98, but it’s a very creepy voyeuristic experience that gives you a glimpse into the lives of the characters and what went wrong. The glitchy desktop premise works really well and clearing up the desktop is a great metaphor for dealing with your grief and moving on.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Messy Desktop 98 Here

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